Where can I get treatment for Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D supplements can be purchased at various local retail outlets, pharmacies and clinics in Singapore. They can even be purchased online at various sites. However, if you wish to purchase Vitamin D supplements online, do be cautious and only buy from reputable and reliable sources such as a pharmacy, an established retail store (like Ocean Health) or authorised sellers to minimise risks and safeguard your health.

Over-the-counter supplements contain lower doses of Vitamin D and are available in various formulations. Some pharmacies, such as hospital and retail pharmacies, as well as wellness stores also carry over-the-counter Vitamin D supplements.

To treat and prevent Vitamin D deficiency, doctors also use prescription-only medications that have been evaluated and approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore. D-Cure® is one such formulation; it is an oral solution containing 25,000 IU cholecalciferol per ampoule.1

You may contact a healthcare professional in ‘Locate Partner Clinics’ if you have more questions regarding the treatment and prevention of suboptimal Vitamin D.

1) MIMS Singapore. D-Cure® (vitamin D) [prescribing information]. Available at: Accessed 1 July 2021.